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RespirActin RespirTea

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RespirTea is a special herbal formulation, which adds soothing moisture and health supporting botanicals. RespirTea is especially comforting when suffering from cough and cold symptoms. This gentle, tasty liquid brew moistens and soothes the throat, while delivering nature's finest herbal support throughout the body. RespirTea works synergistically with RespirActin, proving complementary herbal support.

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RespirActin RespirTea


Stir occasionally while tea steeps for 3-5 minutes. Remove bag, add lemon or honey if desired. For Iced Tea, prepare as above and chill before serving.

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Peppermint, eucalyptus, ginger, lemon grass, elder flowers, thyme, yarrow, damiana, mullein, rosemary, schizandra, witch hazel, fenugreek, cloves, spices, natural flavourings.

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