The SunForce Advantage

Helping You Pursue Optimum Health

All natural. Completely Pure. That’s the advantage.

Everything we produce is derived from pure and natural ingredients, which are carefully selected and sourced from the best suppliers from various regions of the world, and who have earned their trusted and proven reputations. If your great-grandparents couldn’t buy it from the local herbal farmers back in their day, we don’t use it – that’s the SunForce Advantage.

SunForce Health and Organics Inc. is a small Canadian company that provides consumers with cutting edge herbal and vitamin formulations that promote longevity and overall better health. Our products help children, men, women and athletes who are interested in living a healthy lifestyle by supplementing their diets with herbal and vitamin formulations. Leading our company’s offering is our flagship product – RespirActin, a synergistic blend of premium grade herbs valued for their high levels of bioactivity, which provides natural support for common illnesses relating to the body’s respiratory system, sinus and lungs.